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The growth of COVID-19 has inconvenienced businesses across the world. It has led to the temporary closure of businesses, effected essential supplies and has led to a coin shortage across the United States. While this may seem like a detriment to the vending industry, it can actually be seen as a way for your vending business to grow.

With fewer people using coins in order to slow the spread of COVID-19 between currencies, vending operators need to ensure customers are still able to purchase products from their vending machines. This can be accomplished through a cashless card reader, such as Greenlite.

Greenlite can be added to numerous vending machines that eVending has to offer, such as the Elite Series of vending machines. Greenlite allows vending customers to pay for products with credit/debit cards and mobile wallets, such as Google Pay and Apple Pay. On the operator’s side, Greenlite gives you access to sales and accounting insights to save you time and money on overhead costs.

PayRange, a leading mobile payment app, is a standard feature on select eVending vending machines. It is a fast and secure way for customers to pay for products, without having to carry around physical cash or coins. This contactless payment system eliminates payment as a barrier and increases the overall user experience. 

With so many things changing around the world, it is essential that you vending business is changing with it. If the coin shortage continues, the vending business may be more affected. It is your job to ensure that your business does not suffer. To find out more about vending payments, give us a call at 866-451-3195.