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Standard Features

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Features Available For All Vending Machines

iVend Guaranteed Delivery

It virtually eliminates misvends and ensures that your customers receive their products or their money back. Earn customers' trust and save costs that would have been spent on replacing products that were not vended.
Lighting, Insulation, Energy Star Rated, Power Management Programming (all models)

Eco-Friendly and Sustainability - LED

Eco-friendly LED lighting uses less energy and runs cooler than traditional lighting making it easy for your customers to use the machine while saving you money on your electricity bill. eVending is committed to the American Business Act on Climate Pledge to support eco-friendly and energy-efficient initiatives. Through this Pledge, eVending demonstrates an ongoing focus on climate action by committing to environmentally friendly initiatives by implementing energy-efficient and environmentally conscious practices to conserve water and energy.

Factory Parts Warranty

Solid Shield Extended Warranty Purchase additional protection for your vending equipment that goes beyond the scope of the standard Limited Parts warranty.

Made in the USA

We have been manufacturing vending machines in the United States for the past 90 years. We offer an extensive line of only the finest quality and competitively priced vending machines. American ideals such as entrepreneurship and innovation thrive within our organization. Our equipment will give you years of reliable operations, and we will support you for years to come. Working with a top vending machine manufacturer with such longevity is a significant benefit to remember when investing your hard-earned money. *(May include U.S. and imported components) Our 375,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Clive, Iowa, employs around 400 people. You can visit us any time and take a plant tour to see the A to Z process of manufacturing our American vending machines.

Features Only Available on Certain Machines

Health Safety Compliant

The utilization of health safety temperature sensing technology is crucial in preventing the sale of perishable food products that might pose a risk to human health. In particular, this technology ensures that the air temperature inside the food vendor compartment remains within the prescribed Health Safety temperature limit. If the temperature rises above this limit for more than 15 minutes, the system automatically prevents the sale of any affected food products. This measure is critical in ensuring that only safe and healthy food is available to consumers.

ADA Compliant

eVending complies with the U.S. Department of Justice’s (DOJ) regulations by offering vending machines that are either ADA-compliant or ADA-ready. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) mandates that all vending machine usability features must be positioned between 15” and 48” from the ground, making the machines ADA-compliant. Our ADA-compliant vending machines have all the necessary usability components, including monetary, selection, and delivery areas, placed to ensure accessibility for individuals in wheelchairs.

Energy Star Related

ENERGY STAR® Rated Meets the Department of Energy's ENERGY STAR® rating for refrigerated products.

State-Of-The-Art Brewing System

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Simple brewing system and filtering ensure a high quality, consistent drink (No Filter Paper Required)

Alarm (Standard)

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The alarm sounds when the machine is tipped or the door is opened without authorization.

High-Security Package

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Impact resistant Lexan window cover, rain guards, upgraded lock, and anti-pry covers provide superior resistance to the elements, vandals, and thieves.

Own Cup Feature

Use your own cup. The machine automatically senses when you’ve placed your cup in the vending area.

Elevator Soft Delivery Drop

Elevator delivery allows you to vend fragile and carbonated beverages with various product packaging sizes and shapes, such as boxed drinks, cans and bottles from even the top tray in the machine