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ADA Compliant And ADA Ready Vending Machines

eVending’s Vending Machines comply with Federal regulations for ADA compliance

eVending complies with the U.S. Department of Justice’s (DOJ) regulations by offering vending machines, including our Futura Combo Vending Machine, that are either ADA-compliant or ADA-ready. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires all usability components of the vending machine to be between 15” and 48” up from the floor, which designates machines as ADA-compliant. All the usability components, including the monetary, selection, and delivery areas on eVending’s ADA-compliant vending machines are positioned to accommodate wheelchair accessibility. In addition, all of eVending’s ADA-compliant vending machines are manufactured at our production facility in Clive, Iowa starting with a raw roll of steel. Learn more about our ADA-compliant vending machines below.

ADA compliant

The Federal ADA regulations were enacted in 2012 and apply to public entities, which include any federal, state, or local government, and to private entities that offer public accommodations. If a vending operator provides several banks of machines at one location, at least one of each vending machine type — snack, food, beverage, or coffee — must be ADA-compliant.

The National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA) fully supports the goals of the ADA, which aim to improve the accessibility of vending machines for people with disabilities. Below is useful information for vending machine operators regarding Federal regulations. The ADA guidelines became effective on March 15, 2012, and apply to federal and are applicable to:

  • Public entities such as state or local government and any of its departments, agencies, or instrumentalities.
  • Private entities that operate public accommodations such as retail, hotels, hospitals, recreational facilities, and schools.
  • Safe harbor rules may apply; you do not have to replace existing vending machines with new ADA-compliant vending machines unless the location undergoes alterations or the vending machines are removed, re-installed and/or upgraded.
  • Operating parts such as the coin/bill acceptor and product delivery box must be no higher than 48” and no less than 15” from the floor
  • One of each type of vending machine must comply (i.e., one beverage, one snack, etc.)
  • Courts may award monetary damages and impose penalties of up to $55,000 for a first violation.

Please consult legal counsel on how the ADA-compliant and ADA-ready vending machine requirements affect your facility or contact eVending if you have any further questions!