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Whether your employees are back in the office or still working from home, one thing remains the same: many of your employees are craving coffee. Giving your employees access to a coffee machine in order to keep them motivated throughout the day is easier than you think, thanks to the Coffee Express Hot Beverage Vending Machine and the SB16 Single Brew Coffee Vendor.

The Coffee Express Hot Beverage Vending Machine is a great vending option for any office space. Your employees can choose among 36 coffee combinations, including cappuccino, tea, hot chocolate and more. Get a fresh cup of coffee every single morning with a simple push of the button.

Aside from the fresh and delicious coffee in brews, there are multiple benefits to the Coffee Express Hot Beverage Vending Machine. This allows for a single-serve coffee cup for your employees, which eliminates waste and the worry of not having enough coffee. The machine itself has a small footprint, so worrying about creating a large amount of space for the machine is a thing of the past. Additionally, this coffee vending machine is compatible with Greenlite, meaning that it allows for cashless vending.

Your office may not be in need of an entire vending machine. Instead, you may want to turn to the SB16 Single Brew Coffee Vendor. This vending machine allows office employees to access a single-serve pod. It is a compact vending machine that can easily fit on countertops. The glass front display with simple live menu changeability that can be adapted to the coffee pod selections offered will be appealing to both the operator and the office employees.

Keeping employees motivated during the day is a large task, but it can be made easier with coffee vending machines. If you have any questions regarding these machines or any other eVending products, please call 866-958-4501.