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Starting a new business is always exciting, but can be overwhelming. A lot of research within your desired industry must be done to find the right equipment and product for your business. The vending industry is no different. Jay Glatting of LIT Property Services began his vending business as a way to make extra money. Prior to purchasing a machine, he came up with a list of standards that were “must-haves” for his vending business.

As Glatting began his search for his first vending machine, he knew he wanted to purchase from a well-known manufacturing brand, as opposed to purchasing from a distributor. He wanted to ensure that he was purchasing high-quality machines, which could lead to an expansion of his business down the road. After doing his research, he found that eVending helps fit his needs.

Glatting found eVending to be a reputable company with a wide variety of vending machine options. “It seemed like eVending was selling the machines that other people were reselling with a wide variety of options,” Glatting said. “You had what I needed or you could make what I was looking for.”

For Glatting, having a reliable vending machine was one of the most important factors in choosing a vending machine. He wanted something that was high quality and high value, as opposed to the cheapest machine. From a technical standpoint, Glatting is satisfied with the minimal technical issues he has encountered. “From a technical standpoint, I haven’t had an issue that cannot be diagnosed over the phone or with a local service person.”

As with any business venture, Glatting has learned quite a bit about vending that he did not know before. Since purchasing a new machine, Glatting has become more familiar with product options and learned the importance of credit card process aspects of the machine. Additionally, Glatting is figuring out what to do to better his business even more. For example, since he has an outdoor machine, he is finding ways to better secure his machine and his products.

When asked about his vending experience thus far, one phrase came to mind: satisfied, with room to improve. “I was unfamiliar with the setup options and was in the dark about what product and the shapes and options of the vending choices, Glatting said. “Next time, I will spend more time learning about those aspects.”

In fact, the one piece of advice Glatting wants to pass on to others looking to get into the vending business is simply to specify the specific products you intend on selling so the machine is set up for those products when the machine is built.

Glatting also provided a bit of advice for anyone wanting to get in the vending business, specifically with eVending products. “I would say that eVending is a reliable company with equipment that is easy to operate and manage, without much technical experience,” said Glatting.

Although Glatting is relatively new in the vending industry, he still has plenty of goals for his business. One of these goals is to continue to purchase more machines as he finds new locations. Luckily, eVending is able to help with this by providing adjustments to his machine in order to better suit his product needs.

Prior to purchasing his machine, Glatting had a relative idea of what he was looking for. He wanted a reliable vending machine from a reputable company, as opposed to a third-party distributor. eVending was able to help him accomplish this, and do so much more.

No matter what stage you are at with your vending business, eVending can help you. For additional questions about our products and services, give us a call at 866-451-3195.