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Going green benefits the environment and is profitable too.

As Earth Day approaches, it reminds us of the need to preserve earth’s natural resources. Each year, more businesses and organizations adopt more sustainable practices to help decrease the carbon footprints they leave. The market is shifting towards sustainable products, and Corporate Social Responsibility policies are more significant than ever. 

If you are looking for ways to enhance your sustainability efforts in the workplace, vending machines are a great area to consider. Vending machines are becoming more environmentally sustainable and can improve sustainability in the workplace. At eVending, we pride ourselves on being mindful of our impact on the world. We are committed to upholding our sourcing practices, including working with suppliers to restrict the use of hazardous materials.     

The Shift Towards Sustainability

What role do vending machine operators play in the sustainability equation? Well, did you know the following facts?  

  • A vending machine only uses the same or even a little less energy as a refrigerator.  
  • Thanks to off-site monitoring systems and smart messaging technology, you can service a vending machine on a ‘need only’ basis.   
  • Reduced servicing implies less time on roads, with less carbon emission and less traffic.  
  • Modern vending machines have inbuilt energy-saving functions, including LED lighting for very low energy consumption and longer life, recyclability, clever designs for low-cost disassembly, and more.  
  • You can pre-pack delivery trucks for each vending machine.  

The Green Revolution

Alongside advancements in vending technology, a green revolution is also taking place, challenging vending operators to rethink the environmental impact of their vending machines and related products. From making their equipment more energy-efficient to offering more eco-friendly products, operators are working on ensuring greener, cleaner vending operations.  

For example, several safe, climate-friendly, proven alternatives are available to eliminate emissions from vending machine refrigerants. They include natural refrigerants that blend hydrocarbon and CO2. eVending’s new refrigerated and frozen models use an eco-mate blowing agent with ZERO Ozone Depletion Potential and ZERO Global Warming Potential. It is VOC exempt, meaning it does not contribute to smog. 

Vending’s Echo-Friendly Vending Machines 

At eVending, our snack and soda vending machines are the most eco-friendly and energy-efficient machines on the market. Our green vending machines are energy-efficient and are engineered to use the latest electrical, lighting, insulation, refrigeration, and vending technology. 

Committed to Sustainability 

We insist on environmentally responsible behaviors by our company, employees, and business partners. eVending continually works to eliminate waste in our operations and engage suppliers to reduce waste in the broader value chain. Our facilities have an established program to recycle paper, aluminum, steel, plastic, and other recyclables. We use LED lighting in our machines and have developed a UV solution with LEDs to avoid contamination from the disposable of mercury vapor bulbs.   

Final Thoughts 

If you are considering buying vending machines for your public space or office, our experts at eVending are here to meet your needs. Our energy-efficient vending machines are cost-effective and profitable solutions for your business. Contact us today to learn more about our vending machines and how they help play a vital role in your sustainability credentials.