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eVending manufactures one of the most successful portfolios of vending machines in the market today. Coming from the stable of The Wittern Group, eVending’s machines boast 90 years of innovation in dispensing. Let us explore the ten major aspects that make these machines a trusted partner for businesses, institutions, organizations, and vending businesses.

Legacy and Expertise
eVending is a part of The Wittern Group, which has been manufacturing vending and dispensing solutions for as long as the Empire State Building has been occupied. The knowledge and expertise gained over the past 90 years, combined with new-age technologies, has resulted in machines of great quality, performance, and value.
The versatile portfolio of eVending’s machines can handle beverages, snacks, food, and non-food merchandise. Its technology serves piping hot beverages, frozen foods and everything in between in a safe and reliable manner.

eVending’s machines use state-of-the-art UV irradiation technology for disinfecting keypad and access panels. Using this proven and certified technology, the machines are sanitized automatically after peak usage. This helps kill or inactivate up to 99% of all pathogens including influenza and COVID-19viruses.
An optional feature on eVending’s machines is UVend Technology, a state-of-the-art UV irradiation technology used for disinfecting keypads and access panels. Using this proven and certified technology, the machines are sanitized automatically after peak usage. This helps kill or inactivate up to 99.9% of all pathogens, including influenza and COVID-19 viruses.

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Custom Branding
Vending machines stand in outdoor and indoor areas with visibility to large audiences. This makes them an ideal channel for brand visibility. eVending helps you turn the vending machines into flag bearers for your brand through its in-house graphics team or by working with a team of your choice.
Turning black and grey machines into sleek and chic brand displays have a lot of tangible and intangible benefits. Branded machines attract more users for the machine, driving revenue from each machine. Consumers also feel pride in being associated with the brands of the institutions using branded machines.

User Friendliness
Innovative interfaces, multiple payment options, guaranteed delivery mechanism and other features make the machine easy for everybody to use.
Moreover, accessibility of a vending machine is the key to make them sustained streams of revenue. It impacts the convenience of the end user significantly, hence all the machines from eVending are ADA compliant or ADA ready. This ensures everyone is able to access the machine and its merchandise. Since ADA regulations went into effect in 2012, eVending has been giving access to retail merchandise in federal, state & local government entities, private businesses that offer accommodation and institutions that provide conveniences to their patrons and visitors.

Cashless and Cutting Edge
If there is one aspect that COVID-19 has accelerated in today’s retail environment, it is the need for contactless and cashless transactions. Vending machines are no exceptions. Some eVending machines come readily enabled with cashless card readers. This not only allows for safe transactions, but also allows credit purchases that can improve transaction volumes.
But the benefits do not end there. With the cellular-based card reader enabled machines, you can get much more. Here, the transactions can be monitored remotely. The back-end application provides web or mobile based interfaces that gives detailed insights into transaction patterns. This places the power of real-time intelligence in your mobile phone or desktop enabling faster and more accurate business decisions.

eVending ensures product sustainability at all levels. From manufacturing to using, the machines ensure sustainability through energy efficiency, material conservation, recycling, and reclamation wherever possible.
Be it the CFC-Free R134a modular refrigeration system or the LED lighting systems, the sub-systems are energy efficient. This also translates to lower cost of ownership for the owners and operators. During the manufacturing, recycling of the wash-water and electronically controlled paint spraying combined with reclamation of excess paint for reuse are all steps that make the machine eco-friendly. While environmental responsibility is the ultimate objective, the monetary benefits are just a happy side-effect.

Made in USA
Coming from the golden age of American ingenuity when the country was pioneering everything from Skyscrapers to Nuclear Energy, eVending takes pride in building its machines in the USA. All of its machines are built from rolls of steel and electronic components at its factory in Des Moines, Iowa.

What does this mean for the businesses that invest in such machines and the users? Well, the businesses have almost instantaneous access to parts and supplies that ensure high levels of uptime. Serviceability and the cost of servicing is a key factor of the cost of ownership. So, customers do not have to import expensive parts during these times of uncertain international logistics.

The end customers benefit from a machine that is built by a business that understands every aspect of the American life. From merchandise types to ergonomics, accessibility, compliance and efficiency, local knowledge is weaved into all aspects of design and manufacturing of the machines. This ensures the ultimate user experience and convenience.

Guaranteed Delivery
How often have we seen people nudging and begging vending machines to dispense the commodity they purchased? Well, it might seem funny when it happens to someone else but can put a frown on your face when it happens to you.
That is why eVending’s machines’ Guaranteed Vend Sensor technology, iVend, that either makes sure that you get the product or your money back. The IR interception-based technology is a fool proof mechanism that identifies the completion of a successful dispensation. It is a first of its kind for combo class of vending machines helping deliver great user experience and reliability.

Happy Customers
If the low cost of ownership, the reliability of the machines and their energy efficiency are not enough to make eVending’s customers smile, you can add its warranty schemes to that list. Ranging from a 1-year limited warranty program to a 5-year program for the Futura series.

Like we saw earlier in this blog, timely availability of parts and supplies that ensure uptime are not just convenience factors. They have a direct impact on revenue generation and monetization of your machine asset. The high customer retention rate and repeat purchases of eVending machines is testimony to the satisfaction of its customers.

Vending machines are capital assets with good returns on investment. A wide variety of plans that include flexible lease duration, monthly payment exemptions for the first 90 days etc. make buying from eVending an attractive investment. They also enable a faster return on capital employed and a daily breakeven with the sale of 7 to 10 items.

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Today, businesses are looking to maximize the experience of their patrons to drive loyalty and that of employees to drive retention. eVending’s portfolio of machines will help them achieve that profitably, sustainably, responsibly, and successfully. Its almost century-long leadership in the vending and dispensing space, combined with a robust American manufacturing set up, delivers a reliable last-mile retail convenience experience. Talk to us at 1-866-451-3195 to know how we can help you grow your revenues with our vending machines.