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People love vending machines for the instant convenience they provide, as well as their ability to consistently evolve alongside the needs of customers. Cashless spending has become the go-to transaction method for most consumers, so it’s only natural that snack enthusiasts prefer to pay for their products without having to dig into their wallets for dollar bills. Thanks to eVending, you can provide classic combo vending machine options while also allowing customers to enjoy the instant efficiency of credit and debit card payments.

We’re always looking to outfit our vending products with the very best technology in the business, and we are proud to offer credit card readers\ for our full line of machines. Whether you just purchased a Futura machine for your busy office or a mini vending machine for your reception area, our credit card add-ons will bring even more revenue to your establishment.

Our digital card reader benefits the operator as much  as it does the customer, as machine owners can access important transaction data remotely once they’ve installed the device. Want to run your business on the go? This is the product for you.

Not everyone carries cash on them anymore, but everyone gets hungry for a great snack. Thanks to the cashless options available on, your customers can enjoy chips, colas, and more without lifting a single bill!