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New vending machines typically are either silver or black, which provides the perfect neutral palette to provide a cohesive look in almost any type of environment from office buildings to fitness clubs to manufacturing facilities.  But many locations and operators do not want their vending machines to simply get lost and blend into the background. They want to showcase their brand, while attracting customers to increase sales!   

Picture this. A customer is walking to the service desk at Kent Auto Sales.  A standard gray vending machine blends into the neutral walls and the customer walks right past it without a second thought or even noticing a vending machine is there. 

What if your machine would have been able to stand out, though? For instance, if the machine had been branded with Kent Auto Sales’ logo and signature bright orange branding, the customer is much more likely to first notice the vending machine is there and second, take a glance and notice he can satisfy his snack craving with his favorite brand and flavor of chips. 

By adding a custom wrap, your machine will stand out among other machines. Consumers will be more likely to be drawn to your machines, rather than other machines. This small switch will lead to an overall increase in machine sales. Custom wraps can feature anything, including schools wanting to sport their mascot or businesses looking to gain brand recognition.

Your vending machine can be used to promote anything, including designs meaningful to your location. For example, if your machine is placed in a fitness center, it can be branded with the location’s logo or it can be branded with various fitness equipment. You have control over your machine and the brand your machine promotes.

Luckily for you, you do not have to worry about the creation of your custom vending machine wrap. Using the design of your choice, whether it is a photo, a logo or something else, our marketing team is available to help you get the exact look you are looking for for your machine. Whether you want to create a custom wrap that complements your company’s branding or the placement’s decor, we can help you create the look your machine has been missing. 

Don’t be “just another vending machine” at your location. Instead, make your machine stand out with your very own custom vending machine wrap. Our marketing team is here to help you get started. If you are ready for your machine to stand out, fill out this form or call us today at 1-888-568-4896.