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The American diet has been through many transformations over the years, its most recent shift driven by growing health concerns.

Current trends indicate that our eating habits aren’t just changing in a sense of what we eat, but also how we eat. Between-meal snacking has become very common among the American people. According to the report, Snacking Motivations and Attitudes US 2015, 94% of Americans claim to snack at least once a day and half of adults snack two or three times a day.

In another report, 30% of Americans claim to generally only snack on healthy foods and almost half of those respondents claim that nutritional value is the most important factor in the foods they eat. Although the market for indulgent treats still exists the large number of consumers looking for more nutritious / “better for you” selections has created a demand for healthy food vending machines.

For many years vending machines have been the go-to snacking solution for people at work or away from their homes. More often than not the items in these machines, while satisfying and delicious, are not geared towards health. However, that does not mean that they can’t be configured to vend healthy items.

Most of eVending’s machines are equipped with flex trays that allow for many shapes and sizes of products. This means that you can fill your machines with a range of healthy items from small granola bars to bags of freeze dried fruit. eVending’s 32 Selection Snack Vending Machine is a great option to provide your customers with a wide-variety of healthy snacking options. For even more product variety flexibility, our 30 Select Refrigerated Food and Beverage machine comes with an automated elevator delivery system that will gently vend things like salads, sandwiches, and yogurt. Additionally, you can offer your customers frozen meal and healthy dessert options with our Frozen Food Vending Machine.

Now is the time to start thinking about healthy vending solutions. Provide your customers with a wider variety of snacking selections, both healthy and indulgent, with an eVending vending machine.