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If you’re looking to start a business to earn some extra income, a vending machine is a great idea. Vending machines start earning for you from the day you install them – just make sure that you place them wisely. The most sold products through vending machines are soda, candy, and snack machines. Want to do something different? At eVending, we have  90-years of experience in the vending machine industry. We can give you several ideas about the kind of products you can sell in the coming year, and later. Our vending machines are of many types and sizes, and we even offer custom branded vending machines – built in colors and designs that reflect your brand, to attract even more customers.

So, let’s look at some of the most promising products for 2022:

1. Sanitizers and PPE

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us the importance of sanitizing our hands and wearing protective equipment like masks, face shields, wet wipes, tissues, and more. More importantly, critical care givers need access to such lifesaving commodities so that they can continue providing their services without worrying about access limitations. It is quite likely that people may suddenly run out of these items, or just have an emergency need for them. Such vending machines can be placed in any area with heavy footfall, close to hospitals, subway stations, and so on. At eVending, we have specialized machines for sanitizer and PPE that have been designed and configurated for a safe end-user experience in these trying times. The Sani-Center PPE Vending Machine, for example, provides consumers with safe and easy access to personal protection equipment, safety products, medical supplies and more.

2. Health Supplements

These can be installed in gyms, health clubs, swimming pool complexes, tennis courts, football grounds, and more places. Athletes and fitness-conscious individuals will love the fact that they can now purchase healthy refreshments to replenish their energy levels after a good workout. You can stock protein bars, energy drinks, vitamin supplements, herbs and botanicals, meal replacements, and more.

The Futura Combo Vending Machine is a great option for fitness centers, especially those who are lacking in space. It can offer 20 snack and 9 drink options to satisfy the needs of your members and ensure that they receive the fuel they need after a tough workout.

3. Coffee

Who doesn’t like a cup of coffee to keep themselves sharp throughout the day? A coffee vending machine, such as the Elite Series Coffee & Hot Beverage Vending Machine, will bring in revenue in any place with high footfall – malls, subways and bus stations, movie theaters, hospitals, health clubs, factories, offices, supermarkets, and even in parks and other entertainment areas. Our line of vending machines can offer a variety of fresh coffee options for the user to choose from including espresso, cappuccino, hot chocolate and tea. This improves user experience while enhancing the revenue per machine for the owner or operator.

4. Cookies and Candy

Snack machines are classic, and while a good number of adults consume cookies and candy, children are the biggest consumers of these products. So, you can earn well if you place them near amusement parks, children’s parks, schools, the children’s wing in hospitals, and similar places.

With versatile snack machines from eVending, you can stock and dispense a wide variety of confectionaries and snacks making sure that there is something for everybody to pick from. Our Elite Series Snack product range for instance has both ‘Snack & Drink’ and ‘Snack & Candy’ machines. Our decades of experience in designing and manufacturing world-class products in the United States eliminates all vending and dispensing challenges for product owners and end-users alike. Our products help avoid product jam or fall-off, inventory loss or lack of access, loss of sales due to replenishment lag, lesser downtime and more to ensure a smooth end-consumer experience.

5. Bottled Water

While not a new product for vending machines, it is still a lucrative product for vending as people always need to stay hydrated. These vending machines can be placed anywhere – safe, hygienic water is something that people need no matter where they are. With a capacity of up to 500 cans or 240 bottles and the ability to store ten (10) unique beverage products for vending the Elite Series 10 Selection Drink Vending Machine, for example, is a gamechanger for a high-volume beverage sales.

Our cooling units are energy-efficient making the cost of ownership of our machines affordable. We adopt energy efficiency right from the product design stage, utilizing the latest green advancements in electrical, lighting, insulation, refrigeration and vending technology. Our Snack & Soda Eco Vending Machines is incorporated with eco-friendly technology and a compact design to limit the average power of consumption to 2.5 Amps.

6. Ice Cream

Ice cream is a great refreshment, especially in the summer months – though of course, there are people who enjoy them all year round. Parks, movie theaters, offices, sports stadiums, malls – you can have ice cream vending machines installed  Just about anywhere!

7. Frozen Food

The shelf life of essential perishables like frozen foods can be a constraint for convenient vending. With our vending machines, you can provide such merchandise to consumers at easily accessible locations. These machines can also stock frozen meals like pizza, pasta, and roast dinners that can be thawed and warmed before eating. As a savvy entrepreneur, you can place these machines in malls, subway stations (for people returning home after work), supermarkets, community centers, residential blocks, etc. At eVending, we have vending machines that can stock both cold and frozen food. Our machines are equipped with the latest proven airflow technology to ensure the ideal conditions for frozen food storage including boxed meals. As always, the food trays are configurable to suit specific requirements. Employers focusing on the health of their employees can also stock frozen yogurt, is a better snack alternative to chips or cookies.

If there is anything that 2021 has taught us, it is the importance of accessibility to essential commodities and supplies. Everybody realizes the need for contactless and safe access to food, snack, beverage and other products. This makes vending machines a good investment for 2022 as it can address this growing need in a clean, convenient and safe manner. To discuss your vending machine options, reach out to us at 1-866-451-3195.