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Your Vending Machine, Your Way: Customize Your Vending Machine and Boost Your Business

Your Vending Machine, Your Way: Customize Your Vending Machine and Boost Your Business

Are you ready to take your vending business to the next level? Look no further than our newly revamped website, where you can easily customize your vending machine.   

Customization isn't just about personal preferences; it's a strategic tool that can fuel your business's growth. It can be a unique selling proposition that sets you apart from your competition. Whether catering to the health-conscious crowd with nutritious snacks at a gym or offering various affordable options at a college campus, customization effectively meets customer demands.  

Our user-friendly website,, brings customization to your fingertips. With easy-to-use features, you can visualize and create your ideal vending machine without hassle. Let's quickly see how to customize and create an outstanding vending machine!  

Time to build your Vending Machine  

 We have completely revamped our website to give you a seamless user experience. Now, you can effortlessly choose from various options and build your machine in minutes. You have more customizations, which we will cover in a while. With these customizable features at your fingertips, designing the perfect vending machine has never been easier.   

Just navigate to, select the vending machine of your choice, and click the "Select Options" button to start building your custom machine.  

  1. Custom Wrap: Proudly showcases your logo, captivating visuals, and persuasive messages tailored to your brand essence. 

Personalize the machine's exterior with your logo, eye-catching graphics, and compelling messages that align with your business's identity. A well-designed custom wrap grabs attention and boosts brand recognition, fostering a sense of trust and loyalty among your customers.  

  1. Payment Systems: Greenlite payment systems for your vending machines. 

Keep up with the fast-paced digital era by integrating cashless payment systems into your vending machine. Regarding cashless payments, Greenlite payment systems complement your vending machines with hassle-free transactions. By integrating Greenlite's cashless payment solutions, you elevate the customer experience and tap into the potential for amplified sales and heightened customer contentment. Offer your customers the ease of quick transactions through mobile payments or contactless cards. By embracing cashless payment options, you enhance the customer experience and open doors to increased sales and customer satisfaction.  

  1. Safety & Security: UVend Technology gives you peace of mind 

Regarding vending, ensuring safety and security is of utmost importance. Our state-of-the-art UVend Technology takes your peace of mind to the next level. Designed to combat theft and vandalism, UVend offers advanced protection for your vending machine. This innovative system is equipped to detect and deter fraudulent activities, providing a robust shield for your investment. With UVend, you can confidently customize your machine to include this groundbreaking security feature, knowing your business is safeguarded and secure.  

  1. Select Configuration: Tailor your Vending Machine to your Customer’s Taste 

Empower your vending business with customization by selecting the configuration that suits your target audience perfectly. With two options available, you can craft a vending experience that resonates with your customers. This customizable option is available for certain machines. You can find which machines have this feature by visiting our website.    

Choose a snack and drink combination to cater to those seeking quick bites and refreshing beverages. Alternatively, select a cold food and drink setup to offer on-the-go meals. This choice is more than just about options; it's about strategically positioning your machine for success. By allowing you to align your configuration with your location's demands, this flexibility ensures your machine draws in more sales, stands out from the competition, and meets the unique needs of your customers.  

 Customization at Its Best: Elevate Your Vending Business with the Futura Snack and Drink Combination Vending Machine  

  At eVending, we take pride in offering you the top-notch vending experience with our feature-packed Futura Snack and Drink Combination Vending Machine. Regarding capacity, the Futura Combo Vending Machine doesn't disappoint. In its refrigerated compartment, you can offer various thirst-quenching options, vending up to nine different 8oz cans or 20oz bottles, with a total drink capacity of 136 beverages.  

On the non-refrigerated side, you can provide 20 different snacks, candy, healthy treats, and pastry selections, making it a delightful snack haven for your customers. The non-refrigerated portion has a total capacity of 217 items, ensuring your machine stays well-stocked and ready to serve. Also, we offer an industry-leading 5-year Parts Warranty, along with complimentary lifetime virtual technical support. You can stay relaxed that your investment is protected, and any technical assistance you need will be just a call away.  

 Take advantage of this customization opportunity and elevate your vending business. Sign up for our newsletter now for an exclusive $200 discount on your order.