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"We're structured to help people succeed in vending."

Founded October 13th, 1931 by inventive genius F.A. Wittern Sr., The Wittern Group boasts a proud history of quality products and dependable service.  By assembling a number of diverse companies, The Wittern Group is able to serve all segments of the vending industry. 

Our company provides a full range of products and services to meet your small or large vending needs including design, manufacturing, financing, national and international sales, multiple vending asset management, re-manufacturing programs, parts, support services and more.  We're structured to help people succeed in vending. 

Over the years as trends in the vending machine industry have changed and demands for varying products and diverse packaging have increased, the Wittern Group has positioned itself to be at the forefront of those changes.  We have developed patented technology that allows our vending machines to effectively dispense a broad array of packaging sizes and varieties.  This flexibility guarantees smooth vending and highly visible merchandising. We have incorporated and pioneered the latest in state-of-the-art vending technology that make operation, service and product evaluation simple.  

Wittern Group distributors circle the globe making our companies' vending machines available world wide.  In the U.S. alone, toll free technical support and over 80 local independent distributors and 435 service providers guarantee that assistance is always available. 

Having manufactured over 2.1 million pieces of equipment, more individuals own vending machines manufactured and financed by Wittern Group companies than any other vending equipment manufacturer in the world.